Fine Arts

Fine Art Classes.

The fine arts classes consist of Band, Choir, and Art.

Band is instructed by Megan Cahoj

Choir is instructed by Paulette Wildeman.


Course Title:                                      Band
Course Length:              Full Year Course (1 credit)
Grade Level:                          9, 10, 11, 12

High School Band is offered to all students.  Those students without previous instrumental music experience will need some form of private instruction before becoming playing members of the band.  All members will take part in marching band, pep band, and concert band.  Opportunities to be members of the jazz ensembles and contest oriented instrumental ensembles are made to qualified students.  Performance attendance is required to all band functions unless approval from the director has been received prior to the performance date.  Students are required ownership of their instruments unless playing the tuba, French horn, baritone saxophone, oboe, bassoon, baritone horn, tenor saxophone, or bass clarinet.  All students are expected to provide the following portions of the band uniform:  all white shoes and socks and a band shirt for marching and pep band and $5 for the band uniform cleaning.



Course Title:                Vocal Music
Course Length:            Full Year Course (1 credit)
Grade Level:                9, 10, 11, 12

Vocal Music is the principal course offering for the student interested in vocal music.  Objectives:  To give the students opportunity to express themselves through singing, to realize and practice the discipline required for outstanding choral performances, and to give the students an understanding of the various types of musical style.  A high level of musical competency is expected in their performance.