Business Department
Class Description

Media Technology (Yearbook)- This class will be using Year Tech Online, which is online based to create the school yearbook.  The class will focus on 3 different areas design, layout, and photography.  Students will have the opportunity to focus on one of the 3 areas or they can help with all three. Example: Bill is very involved in school and photography is something that he isn’t interested in but he enjoys working on the computer laying out designs.  He can strictly be a designer and not be required to take photos.  Sue likes to take photos and is also interesting in laying out, she would be able to take photos at events and also help in the classroom laying out the pages.

Personal Finance-  Students will cover topics such as Checking Accounts, Savings accounts, Student loans, interest, car loans, insurance, stocks, bonds, money management, risk vs. reward etc.

Web Design- Students will learn how to design and create websites.  Starting with HTML and creating websites in code (how all websites used to be created).  We will then move to Dreamweaver and eventually move into internet based design programs that make website design a breeze.  Students will also have the opportunity to assist with the USD #271 website.

Accounting-  Students will learn various concepts related to doing accounting for a business.  Topics include the basic accounting equation, analyzing business transactions, adjust accounts, complete the accounting cycle, learn accounting systems, receivables,current liabilities, payroll, etc.

Computer Applications/Business Essentials- Students will learn the basics of the computer and how it operates, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Photoshop, etc.  We will also explore some internet based programs such as Prezi.