Physical Education
Physical Education/ Health, and Fitness classes are all taught by Clint Bedore 

Physical Education & Health:

Physical Education (PE) and Health are divided into two parts. PE classes will be taught in the gym. And Health will be taught in the classroom.  Physical Education will be taught on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Health will be taught on Tuesday and Friday.

The main objective in Physical Education is physical fitness. Physical fitness is necessary for a successful and enjoyable life because it increases the functional efficiency of the human organism. People who are physically fit can do more things and do them more efficiently than the physically unfit. The stronger the muscles, the more one can experience with less fatigue. Since in no other class can a student build himself or herself physically we will start and end with calisthenics and running. There will also be time spent on weight training.

The purpose of Health is to equip the student with sufficient knowledge about health to enable him to attain and maintain, both in attitude and practice, the highest possible level of health.



Fitness is a class to improve physical status in terms of strength, flexibility, agility, and speed through a daily fitness routine. It will help improve self-discipline and self-efficiency through classroom structure. The class helps develop the ability to work with others. Emphasis is put on the necessity to keep clear records of work-outs. Leisure activities will be incorporated on days when the more strenuous activities are not appropriate due to extracurricular activities.