School History


In the fall of 1891 A.V. Louderbach who had been hired as principal of the Stockton schools, suggested to the school board that a high school be established. His suggestion was carried out and he was given authority to arrange the course of study. Mr. Louderbach was principal for three years. For four years there were no graduates from the school. Mr. C.E. Merwin was the second principal. He had three graduating classes. The first one, the class of 1896, was composed of two young ladies, Misses Kathrine Schruben and Edith Magee. The members of the class of 1897 were: Misses Eva Brobst, Edith Smith, Ethel Gardner and Nora Dunaway. In 1898 Miss Grace McNulty, Messrs. George Schruben, Lee Williams Arthur Bradley and Benjamin Hill completed the high school course. While Mr. Merwin was principal the graduates of our high school may enter the state university without being examined. The next term the high school was put under the management of the Stockton normal school. Mr. H.O. Williams was principal. Three boys graduated in that year: Elmer Hill, Clarence Clark and Solon Smith. This year the school is under the same management with O.M. Irelan as principal. (Taken from The Prairie Dog, May 1900)

According to Prairie Dog in May 1901, "The enrollment this year has reached seventy six and we pronounce it the most enjoyable and profitable year ever spent in school. Lots of good work has been done and the whole school realizes that Professors Irelan and Shorthill are the two best teachers that ever came to town.

In the year of 1938 "The Anchor" was a magazine dedicated to and created by the Senior Class, in place of the yearbook. They wanted it to become a tradition, but it apparently failed because there is only one edition.

The yearbook was known as the Prairie Dog up until about 1940. We became the Tigers around the 1940s. The yearbook then became known as "The Tiger" in 1945 and was dedicated to "former SHS students who are now in the armed forces of our country," and the 9 service men from the class of 1945. Also in this year it was the first to include FFA pictures.

In 1949 SHS was undefeated in football. The Tiger also includes the Kayettes for the first time.

In 1951 they published a Junior High and a High School Tiger yearbook.

In 1955 the yearbook showed construction of the new (current) High School building.

In 1958 we had the first SnoBall dance.

In 1959 the KAY organization was established in Stockton. The first Goblins Glory was held in October that year.

In 1961 the National Honor Society was established.

1972-Stockton Won State in football for the first time undefeated.
1980-Stockton-won state in basketball.

1987-Stockton Won State in football.

1993-Stockton won state in football. Corey Johnston becomes the first 2x Sate champ in wrestling. Stockton wins state title in wrestling

1994-Stockton won state in football Back to Back.

1996- Won state in football.


In eighteen hundred and eighty-one,
The Academy days had just begun,
In nineteen hundred five
They bought the school for a Stockton High.

Our schoolhouse stands upon a hill
Never idle, never still,
And here we spent four years of toil.
For we seldom burned the midnight oil.

And now we leave it one and all,
To roam no more within its halls;
We may come back and find it gone,
But memories live on and on.
(1922 yearbook)



We will sing for Stockton High School
For the white and the blue
We will sing for Stockton high school
For her sons and daughters, too
We will win our alma mater
The best we ever knew
And we'll all be defenders,
Of the white and the blue

Through the four long years of High School.
Mid the scenes we love so well,
though its mystic charms to knowledge
we vainly seek to spell
when we win athletic victories on the field of football too
still we work for dear old high school
and the white and the blue
(1925 year book)