Industrial Education


Technology and Design I:

Course Title:  Technology & Design I
Course Length:  Full Year Course (1 credit)
Grade Level:  9, 10, 11, 12

Technology and Design will integrate five elements:  Communication skills, Designing, Machining, Material & Components, and Energy & Control.  Students will have the opportunity to design, construct, and test a variety of projects by using tools and machines.  This is also an introductory course designed to give students a beginning understanding of the tools, materials, software, and processes used with web page development.  This course is designed to give the student specific information and training in web design basics and an overview of production tools including Adobe Go Live and Adobe Photoshop.

Course Outline:
Communication Skills
Material & Components
Energy & Control


Industrial Art II:

Course Title:  Industrial Arts II
Course Length:  Full Year Course  (1 credit)
Grade Level:  10 ,11, 12
PrerequisitesTech and Design I

Course Description:  This is an advanced course in woodworking.  Students will select, design, draw to scale (mechanical drawing), and complete a woodworking project of an advance nature.  This is a self-paced course with an emphasis on planning, problem solving and goal setting, while gaining lifetime woodworking skills.  Red Oak will be used exclusively because of its versatility and relative cost.  The first nine weeks will be spent in the classroom on project planning and safety.  Twenty-seven weeks will be spent in shop activity.

Course Outline:

Project selection
Rough sketching procedure
Mechanical drawing and scale
Bill of materials
Develop a plan of procedure
Complete goal sheet and project packet
Machine safety

Shop Activity:
Face Frame Construction
Plywood Usage
Door and Drawer Construction
Use of Fasteners and Hardware
Project Completion and finishing