EasyBib Tutorials
Tigers - Link to EasyBib.com to create your School Edition Premium account.  Remember--you can use your account from any computer with Internet access, but you have to register your account on our campus.  Premium Account lets you generate and store your bibliography and take notes, makes paraphrasing and creating an outline easier, and facilitates parenthetical documentation.  School Edition is the answer you have been looking for on your research papers!

See the links below for tutorials on EasyBib notebook.

Notebook in "visualize" view                         Create an Outline in Notebook
General Overview
  1:56                                              Using bullets  :57
Creating a new note  1:43                                           Associate notes to bullets  :42
Using groups  1:46 
Previewing a virtual note  :21
Adding a tag  :48
Coloring notes  :48
Editing notes  :51
Deleting notes  :42
Bird's eye navigation  :27